Darkness Over Asgard

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ℳεgαη. 27. Bi. Taken. Canadian. Norse Hεαtheη/Asatuar. Metal Head \../ Practitioner of the craft(Witch). Spiritual Being. Alfar (elven)Nature Spirit. Wild Heart. Indigo Child. Empath/Sensitive. Bibliophile. Tea Drinker. Artist. Poet. Philosopher. Traveler between the realms. Searching for kindred spirits, feel free to msg me if you like would love to hear from you. (note: if you'd like to talk in private make sure you tell me so I know or your msg will become public. ty)

In this blog you will find - art & fantasy. viking/norse culture. medieval era. history/the ancient world. magic. mythology. folklore. herbs. gardens/flowers. dark forests/nature. animals. paganism/druidism. elves & fae. philosophy. spirituality. witch craft. buddhism. elder scrolls. j.r.r tolkien (lotr/hobbit/simarillion) game of thrones. crystals/stones/minerals. space. metal music. various fandoms (tv. movies. comic books. video games. anime) I go through phases so i'm always posting all kinds of things depending on my mood.
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